Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cultural and Team Bonding Day

Today was a cultural and team bonding day where we visited El Barranco.  While there, the kids entertained us with several traditional Guatemalan dances and then included us in "The Monkey Dance".  Afterwards, we handed out shoes to excited kids.  One of the more impressive things to see was all of the kids in our group just as excited to hand out shoes!  They were the first ones in the building to start work!

Monkey Dance

Fun for all on the Zip lines!

Mode of transportation:


  1. Just thinking about all those kids you gave shoes to last year and how those kids have grown and now need bigger shoes. Jen and David, have you seen families or kids return who you remember? How cool to know you are fitting them with shoes as they grow and survive life! May God bless these children as they walk this life God has given them! Only if we would walk a day of their lives, we would then see how selfish we all are everyday!

  2. Miller Family,it looks like you are doing an awesome job helping the folks in Guatemala. It is cool seeing you helping families that truly need help. Keep up the hard work and may God bless you.

    Wilson Family

  3. You are making a huge difference in so many lives...and many fond memories:)
    Tammy and Scott