Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Picture Day!

We spent yesterday at two schools taking pictures of the children, helping them decorate a picture frame and handing out shoes.  We also built four more stoves and several families were fortunate enough to have the special experience of meeting their sponsored children and families!

One of the most common things for school childeren in the US is to get a school picture taken every year.  Some of us, even hate having our picture taken and will do almost anything to avoid the camera.  In Guatemala, most people do not have a picture of themselves or their children.  The children were so excited to have their pictures taken, and to pick out a new pair of shoes.  I don't think they stopped smiling or talking!

From Jen and Pete Searles: We decided to sponsor a child about 3 weeks ago.  We chose a little girl based on only a simple online profile and the fact that she was the same age as our daugther with a similar birthday.  We had the opportunity to meet her and her family yesterday.  Despite feeling really anxious about how we could possibly create relationship with someone a world away in both geography and circumstance, we spent three wonderful hours with them, getting to know a little about the familty, more about their situation and their needs, as well as the things that make them happy and what they enjoy doing.  The family was very grateful for the sponsorship and the opportunity to meet us in person, but truthfully, we were equally blessed by the experience, having the opportunity to see God at work first hand, not only through our hands, but through theirs as well.

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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words! Awesome:)
    -Tammy and Scott